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if your’e expecting a baby, you’re probably saying ‘hurry up time!’ & if you’ve just had a baby, you’re probably saying ‘slow down time!’ either way, you’re fighting the clock. photos are no more than a moment frozen in time, but since we can’t snap a photo every second of every day, we are forced to pick & choose which moments are ‘photo worthy.’ luckily, i’ve put together a helpful list of 10 must have photos for your newborn!


:: 1 :: a hospital photo :: i know, i know, you’ve just delivered a baby. there’s 100 things going on, but you’ll be so happy if you stop & snap a photo of your sweet squishy. snap a wide shot of them in their hospital bassinet or a close up of their cheek snuggled into their hospital blanket. once your bring your baby home, the hospital stay will be a blur & you’ll be so glad you have a photo to commemorate the special, brief time you were there. if you don’t think you’ll be feeling up to it or would prefer a professional’s touch, booking a ‘fresh 48’ session is the perfect solution. check out why i love ‘fresh 48’ sessions here.


:: 2 :: an ordinary photo :: newborns sleep…a lot. you might find yourself reaching for your camera when your baby’s eyes are open because it’s so fleeting, but don’t forget to snap a photo of your snoozing sweetie. before you know it, they’ll be awake more than they’ll be asleep :: & quite frankly, there aren’t many things cuter than a sleeping baby. while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to snap photos of other ordinary moments such as diaper changes, tummy time, etc.


:: 3 :: a not so ordinary photo :: with all of the social media we’re exposed to, motherhood can often be perceived as lounging while snuggling with a sweet, sleepy babe. as we mommies know, this is not always the case. in fact, at times it can feel quite the opposite. however, instead of shying away from snapping photos of the fuss, embrace it. capture the delicate forehead wrinkles, the pouty lip, & even the actual tears. in the moment, it may feel chaotic & stressful, but you’ll be surprised at the memories a crying squishy face can evoke.


:: 4 :: a photo of baby eating :: whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to photograph baby’s dinner time. in the beginning, you’ll feel as if all you do is feed your baby & it therefore might seem silly at the time to snap a photo but soon enough they’ll be munching on much more than milk so savor these moments! plus, there are so many photos of toddlers making a mess of spaghetti, why not also have a photo of them enjoying their first favorite food?


:: 5 :: a pair of tiny hands & feet :: everything about your newborn is special, unique, & perfect. it’s almost too easy to catch yourself watching them for hours on end. don’t let their tiny details pass you by! newborns are typically snuggled in their swaddle blankets, but tucked into those bundles are two of the tiniest hands & a pair of precious feet. gently tug them them out from their swaddles & snap a photo of each. if you put your finger in their tiny hands, they will latch on & thus provide a perfect photo opportunity. chances are, they prefer their tiny toes tucked tight, so simply wrap the swaddle around their ankles to keep their toes exposed, but cozy. don’t be afraid to get creative. snap some close ups, pull out & grab a wide shot. snap one from above & one from the side :: these photos will make the perfect accent to their baby book or collage.


:: 6 :: a belly button :: t’s truly amazing to think of your baby receiving everything they need through their umbilical cord during your pregnancy. then, in the blink of an eye, it’s cut & just a few short days later, it falls out completely! my daughter’s cord fell out just seven days after she was born :: it took me by surprise! the first thing i did when i discovered it was gone was pop her in her crib for an iPhone photo. for me, it was such a big moment that i can’t image not having the photo so whether you prefer the cord in or out, snap a photo of that chubby tummy!

:: 7 :: a family photo :: it’s all too easy to capture photos of your brand new babe but i strongly encourage you to get in front of the camera too!  after all, you’ve just officially become a family :: or a bigger family :: & that is something to celebrate! your baby wouldn’t be here without you so you owe it to your little one to pose with them. as a friend, as a neighbor, ask a professional, ask someone to take a photo of you with your baby! we hired my gorgeous & talented friend Amanda of Dreaming Tree Photography to snap a family photo of us. Check out her beautiful work here.


:: 8 :: a nursery photo :: throughout your pregnancy, you scoured Pinterest, you strolled (or waddled) down every aisle of nursery furniture, you spent hours putting the crib together, hanging up endearing artwork, & folding tiny onesies. then you deliver your baby, come home, & find yourself hanging out in every room but the nursery. funny, isn’t it? don’t wait until your little one sleeps in their crib to photograph them in it. your poured your heart into making the perfect nursery :: show it off! place them in their crib or on to their changing table & get to work! you’ll find that your baby looks just as perfect as you imagined in their environment. if you find you love the natural, organic look of the nursery photos, consider booking a lifestyle newborn session to make the most of your baby in their environment.


:: 9 :: a bath photo :: your newborn will be so tiny when you bring them home, their first bath will likely take place in a sink! definitely something you’ll want to remember. snap a quick photo before the bath gets underway & another with their wet hair! however, it is important to have a helping hand when photographing your tiny in the water so please be mindful! photos are important, but your baby’s safety is even more important.


: 10 :: a professional photo :: i wouldn’t be doing my job if i didn’t encourage you to schedule a newborn session with a professional photographer. adding a precious member to your family is, in my opinion, just as important & exciting as a wedding so why not consider having it professionally photographed? you won’t regret making the investment. plus, as a new mom & dad you’ve got plenty of things on your mind, why not hand the documenting to a professional? you’ll love sitting on the couch snuggled with your baby looking at a gallery of gorgeous professional images.

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