four photos you should be thinking about on the 4th of july :: a personal story :: fairview heights lifestyle photographer

believe it or not, june has come & gone & we are preparing to welcome july! the 4th of july is perfect for relaxing with the ones you love, but don’t forget to grab your camera & snap these 4 photos! Come next july 4th, you’ll be glad you did. happy 4th of july, lovelies!


:: 1 :: a treat :: holidays are always for indulging, right? we’re all likely eating or drinking something yummy, so while we’re enjoying it, why not snap a quick photo? food is always gorgeous because the colors are so vibrant! have fun snapping & sharing your favorite 4th of july treats


:: 2 :: a sprinkler :: the 4th of july is famous for being hot, hot hot! don’t hesitate to turn on the sprinkler to cool off. not only will it be refreshing, but water is especially fun to photograph! whether you’ve got a baby, a puppy, or just some toes in the sun, experimenting with photographing water from the sprinkler is the perfect way to cool off!


:: 3 :: a photo of red, white, & blue :: this is an obvious one, but perhaps one so obvious that you wouldn’t think to snap it. the whole day is set aside to celebrate the red, white & blue, and chances are you’ve even got something particularly special like an outfit, a decoration, a flag, etc. that makes is super easy to make a quick patriotic capture.


:: 4 :: a tradition :: many of you likely have a 4th of july tradition. fireworks, bbq, brunch, family reunions, pool days, the list can go on & on. if you don’t have a 4th of july tradition, this is the perfect year to start one! snap a photo of burgers sizzling on the grill, family members reunited, children diving into the pool, or in my case, a photo of a crisp & sweet root beer float.

i hope you all have a safe & lovely weekend! come july 5th, you’ll have a perfectly memorable gallery of personalized photos to mark the 4th of july, 2016! have fun & be safe 🙂

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