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in home sessions are, without a doubt, my favorite. parks are beautiful, city architecture is stunning, and mother nature does paint truly beautiful sunsets, but your real life is happening inside your front door. and that’s what i long to capture. your life actually. there are a zillion reasons why i love in home sessions, but there are three reasons why you need one.

  1. home is where the heart is. whether you’re currently living in a one bedroom apartment, your dream home or somewhere in between, the space you call home illustrates the current chapter of your life. no matter what that chapter looks like, it’s a part of your story and your story IS important. your story deserves to be preserved, chapter by chapter so that it can be remembered fondly in the years to come. my husband and i lived in a townhouse before we had children and because we were simply ‘living there’ and not ‘doing anything there,’ i didn’t make it a priority to be documented. i didn’t take any photos of the two of us sipping coffee in our tiny living room or snuggled together on the back steps where we spent so many of our evenings. it wasn’t a glamorous space but it was ours and it was home. now that we’ve moved on to the next chapter, i only have the townhouse memories that live in my imagination. i have nothing tangible to show my children about the chapter of our lives that took place before their chapter came along. don’t make that mistake. don’t neglect your current chapter just because you think they aren’t active or important parts of your story. because they are.
  2. home is a familiar, safe space for your children. the photos that i love the most are the ones with genuine love + connection between family members. those connections unfold much more naturally within the walls of your own home. here, children are surrounded by their own blankets, toys, smells, and rules. i am simply a guest who has come over to play + their job is to do nothing but be themselves. now, i am not saying there isn’t a time + place for studio photography, because there definitely is, but every family needs an in home session to remember their lives in the spirited, real life flow that is yours + yours alone. plus, there’s no better place to be when children have had enough of the camera 🙂
  3. authenticity. life is messy. houses are messy. hey, even children are messy. instead of shying away from the authentic nooks and crannies of our lives, let’s embrace them. if there’s a window anywhere in your home, then your home is photo ready. oftentimes, my clients will voice concerns over their houses not looking as ‘fancy’ or ‘new’ or ‘nice’ as another session they’ve seen but if that’s your concern, then you’re looking at the session backwards. your in home session is about capturing your life in all its authenticity, not your home. your home merely serves as the backdrop for your current life chapter. and its beauty absolutely lies within.

in home sessions yield photos that you will undoubtedly treasure for many years to come. i sincerely encourage you to consider an in home session for your next family session. i promise that once you do, you won’t regret it.

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