a summer’s kiss goodbye | {a personal story} | fairview heights lifestyle photographer

today, the first official day of fall, we welcomed temperatures that reached nearly three digits. not exactly what i had in mind when i purchased the girls their fall wardrobes a mere two weeks ago. however, as the sun was setting + my toddler was asking to watch ‘home alone’ for the ten thousandth time, i decided to put on our summer clothes and push her on the swing. because as much as i enjoy ‘home alone,’ there will be plenty of time for that when the temperatures are too cold to even dream of playing outside…though chances are we’ll still be outside on those days too (insert laughing emoji) anywho, our outside play date was one of those play dates where i thought ‘i’m going to miss this + it’s not even over yet.’ next summer bug will be another year older and her sister will likely be outside running around with us. so i’m really glad i had some time tonight with my first baby. just her + i. and the sunset. and her hair blowing in the wind. and her curious little toes as they touched the grass + her backyard swing set. because babies don’t keep. but the photos do. <3

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