aurora’s fresh 48 | {a personal story} | fairview heights lifestyle photographer

you all know how much i love fresh48 sessions. to date, harper’s fresh48 photos are my most treasured photos of her. i’m sure two years from now i’ll be saying the same thing about aurora and her fresh48 session.

aurora greeted us very casually at 7:43pm on a sunday evening + i could hardly wait for harper to arrive to meet her the following morning. what happened when she arrived was something i could only have dreamt of. it was, without question, the most magical moment of my life. at first, she stood quietly and took turns looking at chris and then back at me. we finally broke the silence and asked if she wanted to hold the baby. i’ve never seen her listen and act so quickly. it was love at first sight and has since stayed that way. the photos of my girls together for the first time make fill my happy cup right to the top. aurora will now always know how much she was loved upon her arrival.


but now, back to aurora. like i mentioned, she greeted us calmly and kindly at 7:43pm on sunday, june 4. she weighed in at 7 pounds and 20 inches long–a whole pound lighter and a whole inch shorter than harper. i spent most of my pregnancy wondering if the girls would look alike so i have to admit that i immediately compared her to harper. in my eyes, they don’t look very much alike. there’s no denying that they share certain traits (our kids don’t stand a chance against my husbands dark hair..even though i did ask the nurse at the last minute if she saw any blonde hair :D) but i think aurora definitely has a look that’s all her own. she’s even got her very own personality to boot! unlike her sister, aurora has been a great sleeper at night. she keeps us on our toes during the day-she currently doesn’t enjoy baths, car rides, pacifiers, or having her diaper changed which is in direct contrast to her sister as well. however, aurora is the perfect addition to our growing family. we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams to have given both of our girls a built in best friend and i am just a lovesick fool watching them interact every single day. thank you, aurora lorraine, for joining our family and for being such a sweet little lady during your fresh48 session. i hope one day you’ll love and enjoy these photos as much as we do.

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