my bebe bug is two years old | {a personal story} | fairview heights lifestyle photographer

i don’t know about any of you fellow mamas, but after taking these photos of bug i found myself wondering how she had changed so much without me noticing. i see her all day, every day, yet i feel a little bit like i neglect to really SEE her. in my head she’s still about 11 months old. chubby thighs. chubby cheeks. hungry for breastmilk. i can’t even believe that all of those things were over A YEAR AGO. i simply don’t know where the time went.

when i look at her two year old portraits, i see my same sweet baby but her chubby thighs are no longer as chubby. her cheeks, while still supple, aren’t as large + in charge as they once were. our breastfeeding bond has come and gone and has even started over with the birth of her sister. however, these portraits brought to light all of the new parts of her that she’s introduced us to over the past year. the way her hair whips back + forth when she dances, the most genuine smile that comes so naturally when she giggles, and even how pretty she is with a skinned knee. forever is simply not long enough to love her, but the least i can do as her mama is take photos + capture her as she really is. so that when she’s all grown up (lord help me) she can SEE what i SEE when i look at her.

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