My all natural skincare journey has been a HUGE labor of love for me. I have tried it all-prescriptions from dermatologists, skincare routines with 7 steps, every single over the counter ‘dermatologist approved’ cleanser, moisturizers that cost anywhere from $20-$100…literally all the things. It wasn’t until I found Primally Pure that I FINALLY found all natural skincare that performed the way it was promised. Their ingredient lists are full of organic and all natural goodness such as tallow from grass fed cows, marshmallow root and blends of essential oils formulated to target any and all skin conditions. Once I started using their products I never looked back. 

The most important thing to remember when switching to all natural skincare is that you don’t have to swap every single product at once. When I started, all I did was swap my makeup wipes for Primally Pure’s cleansing oil and I added products as my budget allowed. Because I love and believe in their products so much, I snagged you guys a discount code so that YOU can make the switch to all natural skincare without breaking the bank. Code KELSI.BAILEY10 will hook you up with 10% off all of your skincare goodies because friends don’t let friends pay full price.

As it stands, my nightly routine consists of the cleansing oil (I use the formula for dry skin but they have 3 different formulations to suit every skin type), everything spray, plumping cream and a Gua Sha routine. The truth is that the routine takes me less than 20 minutes and feels like a mini spa treatment every single night-never mind that it has completely transformed my skin. Take a look below to see what I mean. My skin is feeling better every single day and it’s true what they say-nature CAN be smarter than science.

Did I mention that you can grab all of my favorites for less than $100 when you use my code? It’s true! You can begin your skin transformation with cleansing oil, everything spray,  a skin specific cream AND a gua sha stone for less than $100 with code KELSI.BAILEY10.

Don’t forget to consider switching to an all natural deodorant as well. If your current deodorant lists aluminum as in ingredient, do your body a favor and throw it away! I underwent an armpit detox and am spilling all the deets here. My personal favorite scent is the geranium but they’ve got something for everything PLUS a subscription service so that your pits will always be taken care of-and don’t worry-my exclusive code KELSI.BAILEY10 saves you on both all natural deo AND their deo subscription services!

I am SO EXCITED for you for making the switch to all natural skincare. You’ll love the way you look and even better…you’ll love the way you feel. If you’re still hesitant about making the switch, don’t worry, I’ve got four things you need to know before you switch to all natural skincare right here to help answer any further questions you might have. However, if you’ve already hopped in and grabbed some goodies to start your all natural journey, I’ve got a few tips on what you can expect next right here!

Sharing is caring, y’all so by purchasing from some of these affiliate links I may earn a commission which is super great because then I can continue to buy and share my favorite stuff here with you!

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