What to Expect When You Make the Switch to NonToxic Hair + Skin Care

I see you- you’ve picked a product or two to begin the exciting switch to nontoxic hair or skincare and you’re thinking ‘now what?’ (Just in case you haven’t quite made the switch yet, I’ve made it super easy by putting together some skincare bundles that will help you get started. You can find them here). Anywho, when it comes to the switch I’ve been there and done that and am happy to share from the other side exactly what you can expect when you make the leap into nontoxic hair and skincare. First things first-grab yourself a glass of wine and let’s cheers to YOU. You’re totally worth making the switch and I am proud of you for making your health a priority! *clink!

  1. Expect a detox. The word detox haunted me for many years prior to making any switches and hindsight it was so silly to fear it because it is totally worth it when you arrive on the other side. A detox isn’t a chapter in your journey to fear, it’s instead, one to embrace. When your scalp and skin are used to products that contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, aluminumand that REALLY scary ‘F’ word…fragrance..you have to give your scalp and skin a week or two to get RID of all the junk and begin to embrace the all natural products. I’ve been through a hair detox, a skin detox, and yes, even an armpit detox (more on that here) and I can tell you that it is 110% worth it.
  2. Expect a learning curve. You might not hit a home run on your first try with your first product and that’s okay! What’s important is that you don’t give up! All natural products are not one size fits all and that’s a GOOD thing! Finding the right cocktail for your specific hair and skin type is a learning curve so ride that wave until you find what DOES work because once you find it, it’ll be gold. I promise.
  3. Expect a Lifestyle Snowball Effect. Switching to all natural products can get addicting. Like, really addicting (in a good way!), so don’t be surprised if you find your whole lifestyle beginning to shift. When I noticed the glow that illuminated my skin after switching to clean skincare, I got more serious about other ‘clean’ things for my skin like my makeup and my sunscreen which then led to better eating habits and in my switch to ‘clean’ makeup I was inspired to pay attention to sustainability which led me to clean out my closet and adopt a ‘capsule wardrobe’ and so on and so forth. In other words, listen to your body + your heart and follow their instincts!
  4. Expect to Love the Skin You’re In! Your body is your only home and it is beautiful! Imperfection is beauty no matter WHAT hair or skincare routines you’re implementing. You can (and will) love your nontoxic products but they aren’t going to spark joy until you love yourself. So go on, girl! Get excited about the healthier lifestyle that you’ve just jumped into..and welcome to the nontoxic side 😀

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