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my favorite skincare lineup

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you know that my skin is troubled and that I’ve been working overtime for MONTHS to find products that were 1. gentle enough for my sensitive skin 2. safe for both pregnancy + breastfeeding 3. clean + all natural.

When I stumbled upon Primally Pure, they were the answer to all the gaps in my skin woes. I spent several weeks experimenting to get my Primally Pure routine just right and now that it’s perfected I just want to shout it from the rooftops! My skin wakes up dewey and moisturized and goes to sleep feeling clean and relaxed-doesn’t that sound amazing? Primally Pure even hooked me up with a discount code so when you grab your goodies be sure to use code ‘Kelsi.bailey10′ for a discount at checkout! Anywho, here’s my little AM + PM skincare cocktail-my only regret is not starting it all sooner!


  1. The Cleansing Oil  is my single favorite skincare product ever. It smells delightful and it melts my makeup right off my face. This is my first skincare step in the evening whether I’ve worn makeup or not because I love it that much.
  2. Next, I apply 3 spritzes of Primally Pure’s Everything Spray as a toner.
  3. Finally, I combat my skin’s inflammation and scarring with the Plumping Serum. Its unique blend of all natural ingredients has made a huge difference in my overall complexion. Guys-even my husband noticed so I am definitely considering that a win.
  4. I’ve also recently started incorporating a gua sha  treatment every night. It may sound excessive but I do it while sitting in bed and it feels like yoga for my face so it provides the ultimate relaxation before hitting the pillow + catching some zzz’s. It is 110% worth reading about and there’s a great post about it here on Primally Pure’s blog.


  1. Up until the last year or so, I didn’t do a single thing to my skin in the morning and now, along with my coffee, my morning skincare routine encourages me to hop out of bed + conquer the day! First things first, I splash a bit of cold water on my face to wake up the lymphatic system and get ready to conquer the day!
  2. Next, just a drop or two of my beloved Plumping Serum leaves my skin supple and ready to go!

There you have it! In print it looks like a TON of steps that would take a TON of time but let me assure you-if I can do it, you can do it. I am a busy mama of 3 and there isn’t a morning or evening that goes by that I even consider skipping any of my skincare steps! It’s refreshing for my skin and exhilarating for my mind and therefore just as important to me for my skin’s physical appearance as it is for my mental health. We could ALL use a little self care so don’t let your skin tumble to the bottom of your priority list! And while you’re filling your cart with skin goodies (don’t forget to use code ‘kelsi.bailey10’ at Primally Pure for a discount on your purchase!), be sure to drink a glass or two of water. Your skin will thank you 😀

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