Y’all know I’m a huge fan of my holistic skincare tools-I’ve only been screaming about my love for gua sha stones from the rooftops since I introduced it into my routine 3 years ago (more on that here) BUT there’s a new tool in town and spoiler alert…it’s amazing.

What is facial cupping?

Facial cupping is a gentle section technique that helps bring more blood flow to the surface of the skin. In turn, this encourages blood flow and lymphatic drainage which aid in immediately reducing puffiness and the appearance of fine lines. You may have heard of body cupping before-many athletes use body cupping as a recovery technique-but unlike the purple bruises you think of when you think of body cupping, facial cupping won’t leave any bruises behind. This ancient tradition of cupping is centuries old but facial cupping is relatively modern and you can do facial cupping in the comfort of your own home!

What are the benefits?

I thought you’d never ask! But seriously-the list COULD go on and on but let me share my favorite benefits:

  • Facial cupping supports skin elasticity and encourages collagen production which delivers tighter, firmer skin.
  • Reduces acne and, over time, diminishes acne scarring (This is HUGE for me and I am here to tell you..it works!)
  • Releases tension. I bet you just noticed how tight your face might be scrunched (don’t worry, I did too!) but using my facial cups at night helps release tension in my face and THAT is a good feeling
  • In addition to releasing tension, facial cupping also softens fascia adhesions for fine line smoothing and an overall plumping effect
  • Increases lymphatic drainage which de-puffs and helps clear blockages to create space for oxygen rich blood flow. Oxygen rich blood flow=undeniable glow.
  • Promotes product absorption aka helps deliver all of the yummy nutrients in your products to their destination so that they can really get to work

I’ve been facial cupping for a month + this is what I’ve discovered:

Somehow, facial cupping is even more relaxing than using my gua sha stone. I still use my gua sha stone, as I only suggest facial cupping 3 x week, but what I love about facial cupping is the immediate results. I love the glow that accompanies my simple 5 minute routine (you can check out my routine in the video above!)

Plus, the internal benefits are just as impressive as the external benefits. My acne scars continue to fade and I am noticing that my forehead lines are much softer than they were a month ago. It also just feels good. I don’t even know how else to explain it but the gentle sucking is so therapeutic and therefore a perfect bedtime companion. It isn’t just for the nighttime, though! You can pair a facial cupping routine to your morning skincare routine and carry the dewy glow all day long.

So-what are you waiting for?! I know you have an extra 5 minutes in your day that you could devote completely and utterly to yourself. And you deserve it. I do my facial cupping in bed 99% of the time while I’m catching up on a show or unwinding with some meditation tunes so I promise there doesn’t have to be anything fancy or frilly about it. You can grab your facial cups right here and when you do, don’t forget that code KELSI.BAILEY10 saves you 10% on your purchase. That’s right-you can totally grab the serum and baby balm while you’re at it 😀

Once you’ve incorporated it into your routine, I’d LOVE to hear about it! Shoot me a DM on insta and we can chat all things facial cupping. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one month down and a lifetime to go! Still not convinced? Head here to read about my transformative skincare journey and my five favorite products!

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